Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik

Heinrich Wagner Sinto was established in 1937 by Heinrich Wagner and his partners as private enterprise in Bad Laasphe, Germany.

Starting from 1983 company is a part of Japanese Group Sintokogio. Company specializes in designing and production of vacuum, flask and flaskless green sand molding lines and machines as well as pouring automats. As a part of the Group, Heinrich Wagner Sinto commissioned over 500 SEIATSU molding lines as well as great number of vacuum and flaskless molding lines and machines.

Over 350 people are involved in the process of designing and manufacture of all units and assemblies including hydraulics, electric and electronic components on the production facilities located in Germany.  Company’s policy focuses on achieving high quality, reliability and productivity of machinery and lines, operated by the customers.

Various molding technologies are used to suit specifications of castings production using different alloys (aluminum, brass, grey, ductile and compacted graphite iron, carbon, manganese and high alloy steel):

- Flaskless molding machines for small castings

- SEIATSU molding machines

- Vacuum molding machines for castings up to 10 tons 


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